Begbies Traynor Group PLC. A Public company listed on the London Stock Exchange  who steal the credit files of consumers by committing criminal fraud to illegally obtain these.
BTG This is a site to assist UK individuals who unknowingly may have been the victims of criminal activity by Begbies Traynor Group PLC. If you are, or were: A director or shareholder of a company where Begbies Traynor are, or were involved, then BTG and/or their associate company, Red Flag Alert could have undertaken covert "Intelligence profiling" of you. OR A party in potential or actual legal proceedings then BTG and/or their associate company, Red Flag Alert may have undertaken covert "Intelligence profiling" of you as a result of acting upon instructions from Solicitors for the opposing side. There is a distinct possibility that BTG and Red Flag Alert may have committed criminal offences by illegally accessing and obtaining your credit files held by Equifax and Experian. Other Credit reference agencies may have been used also click. BTG besides being; liquidators, receivers, administrators, trustees; agents for business sales, acquisitions, mergers also provide highly covert detailed "INTELLIGENCE"  data and information services to, amongst others; Solicitors. Here is an extremely profound mission statement of theirs. click. They stop at NOTHING, not even criminal acts! You can read here about a case in question. BTG/Red Fag Alert received such instructions from Harold G Walker Solicitors; Hugh Storry Deans. As part of BTG/Red Flag Alert criminal practices; and "stopping at nothing", click here they STOLE on multiple occasions, an adversaries (Consumers/Data Subject) highly sensitive, confidential, personal credit files, data and information from the online data bases of Equifax and Experian by committing multiple fraudulent deceptions on Equifax and Experian. BTG/Red Flag Alert were able to STEAL the Consumer/Data Subjects highly sensitive, confidential, personal credit files, data  and information by simply telling lies and confirming in the "online affirmative declarations" to Equifax and Experian that they (BTG/Red Flag Alert) held the Consumers/Data Subjects consent to obtain this. In reading BTGs correspondence they make numerous deflective statements to try and cover up their criminal activity such as in the second paragraph of their letter of the 17th July 2012 and in their letter of the 3rd August 2012 and many more as can be read in the correspondence, read here. The truth is that neither BTG/Red Flag Alert, Harold G Walker nor anyone else held any such consent, neither did they hold consent by way of a Court order, and neither had they made any applications to the data controllers of Equifax and Experian for a Section 35 exemption to obtain the consumer/data subjects highly sensitive, confidential, personal credit files, data  and information. BTG/Red Flag Alert simply did what they state in their mission statements and “stopped at nothing”, and just STOLE the credit files and data of the Consumer/Data Subject by the criminal act of fraudulently deceiving Equifax and Experian in their on-line application by BTG/Red Flag Alert confirming that they held the consumers/data subjects consent; WHICH THEY DID NOT HAVE!  Read here extracts from Equifax and Experian correspondence on this.  It is entirely probable that BTG could have been involved for many years in this "pattern & practice" scheme of serial criminal activities of covertly stealing Consumers/Data Subjects highly sensitive, confidential, personal credit files, data and information from Equifax and Experian. The FIVE "file footprints" left (throughout April 2011) on the Consumers/Data Subjects credit files held by Equifax and Experian shows the name accessing their online data bases as: BTG Intelligence Ltd; a name that was the predecessor name to BTG Global Risk Partners Ltd. Interestingly this company, number 02910407 was originally named; Fact Finder Detective Bureau Ltd! read here   The fact that these criminal and illegal acts are: [i]. heinous breaches of Consumers/Data Subjects right to privacy, ii. heinous breaches of the Consumers/Data Subjects  rights under the Data Protection Act , iii. trespass on the Consumers/Data Subjects sensitive, confidential personal data and credit files, iv. Criminal fraud by deception, v. theft of a Consumers/Data Subjects sensitive confidential credit files and information, vi. Possible conspiracy, vii. a criminal offence contrary to section 55 of the Data Protection act; does  not, in anyway, trouble BTG/Red Flag Alert. These types of serial heinous criminal activities are normally associated with career criminals, not a Public Company on the London Stock Exchange.  JOHN HUMPHREY is BTGs group head of "Risk and Compliance, and the Data Protection Officer". Apparently John Humphrey has selective knowledge of; Compliance matters, the Data Protection Act, and criminality. This "selective knowledge" of Compliance matters, the Data Protection Act and criminality is surprising given that John Humphrey is a Solicitor regulated by the SRA with SRA Number 280703. Red Flag Alerts Kevin Hooker is a member of the Association of British Investigators as also is Mike Wright  who was the head of BTG Global Risk Partners Ltd during the time of the criminal events as reported here.     NOTE: John Humphrey did not (unsurprisingly) accept the offer made in the final paragraph of consumers letter Dec 15, 2012 to join in a conference call to the ICO. It is highly probable that Consumers/Data Subjects who knowingly or unknowingly have been the subject of BTGs/Red Flag Alert ATTENTION may have their cases investigated by authorities for the illegal and criminal accessing and obtaining of their confidential, sensitive, personal data, credit files and iontrnformation from the on-line data bases of the Credit reference agencies. Such activities are, as a minimum, criminal offences under Section 55 of the DPA. If you believe that you could have been violated by BTG/Red Flag Alert then Email us at: contact@begbiestraynorstealcreditfiles.com Glossary of Terms & Definitions of the Data Protection Act - Click Here  Useful Links: ICO. Information Commissioners Office SRA Solicitors Regulation Authority  SOCA Serious Organised Crime Agency FCA Financial Control Authority ABI: Association of British Investigators
Read HERE about the announcement on the 29th April 2013 by Information Commissioner Christopher Graham from the Information Commissioners Office. The violated consumer you read about here was part instrumental in bringing these matters to the attention of the ICO and the Police and has provided substantial evidence of the high level of serial criminal activity. It is welcome news from the ICO and also that the Police are involved in a National Investigation into widespread and long running criminal activities. Please check back as it is expected that news will develop soon as well as TV and Media coverage.